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Seth TomeiGlobal Trade Compliance Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Barbara Clements helps make a complicated and potentially threatening subject matter more user friendly and understandable. Her industry experience is invaluable and she is knowledgeable in a variety of issues. With this, she is able to assess different situations and put corrective action plans in place if any issues exist.

John DellapaCounsel, Mintz Levin

I had the opportunity to work with Barbara for many years and came to know her as someone on whom I could rely for a timely, accurate and unvarnished view of compliance matters. Barbara takes regulatory compliance seriously and approaches her work on behalf of her clients accordingly.

David HayesDirector, David Hayes-Export Control, UK

Barbara is a true professional in the compliance arena. She understands how to apply compliance policies and procedures 'for real', in a commercial environment. She has a particular talent and passion for mentoring those new to or inexperienced in the field and there are many practitioners out there who are grateful for her guidance.

How We Help

Trade Compliance Program Assessment

Develop, Implement, Customize and Refine a trade compliance program customized for you business.

Trade Compliance Manuals

Customized import and export compliance manuals, including work instruction, based on industry best practices.

Executive and Employee Training

Get up to speed on the regulations affecting your business. Embargoes, Sanctions, Denied Parties, Recordkeeping, Classifications, EAR, ITAR and more.

Disclosure and Mitigation Support

Learn how BCA can support seized property, forfeitures, penalties and mitigations.

Product Classification

Classify Hardware, Software and Technical Data which may include HTS, Schedule B, ECCN, USML, license and/or permit requirements.

License Determination and Management

We can help you navigate the licensing process: license preparation, submission and tracking.

Broad Agency Support

BCA supports services with numerous agencies including Fish and Wildlife (USFW), Food and Drug (FDA), ATF, State (DoS), Commerce (DoC), BIS and others.

Encryption Product Support

BCA specializes in classification of encryption products and the management of reporting requirements.

Logistics Support

BCA can support logistics, 3PL, Dangerous Goods, AES and documentation requirements.

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What is a Deemed Export?

Certain terminology used in international trade can get quite confusing.   Over the past 25 years, BCA has been asked to clarify this topic on numerous locations, so we thought that we would write a blog about it. Deemed Export A Deemed Export is any release of technology or source code, subject to the Export Administration Regulations …

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What is ITAR?

Regardless of the industry that you are in, if you are dealing with defense and military related technologies, such as physical products (hardware), advanced analytics (software) or unique ideas (technology),  there are regulations in place to safeguard United States national security and foreign policy objectives. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) ITAR is a set …

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